Why we do not use Methyl Methacrylate - MMA at Glam!

Methyl Methacrylate - MMA for short, has been prohibited for use in the nail industry in the US since the late 70's. MMA is not a banned substance in Australia because MMA can be used safely. However, it is important for people to be aware of the risks associated with this product.
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Most nail technicians know they should not use products containing this ingredient, but they don't know why! Scientific information collected about MMA shows that toxicity is NOT the reason MMA makes a poor nail enhancement ingredient.  In fact, for many years MMA has been safely implanted in the body as a bone repair cement - so it is not a dangerous toxin, as many imagine.

There are four main reasons why should MMA not be used?:

  1. MMA nail products do not adhere well to the nail plate. To make these products adhere, nail technicians often shred up (etch) the surface of the nail.  This thins the nail plate and makes it weaker.
  2. MMA creates the hardest and most rigid nail enhancements, which makes them very difficult to break.  When jammed or caught, the overly filed and thinned natural nail plate will often break before the MMA enhancement, leading to serious nail damage.
  3. MMA is extremely difficult to remove.  Since it will not dissolve in product removers, it is usually pried from the nail plate, creating still more damage.
  4. Health Departments in Australia say don't use it!  They believe that MMA, when used in cosmetic fingernail preparations, is a poisonous and deleterious substance. This is clearly the most important reason.  The FDA in the US bases their prohibition on the large number of consumer complaints resulting from the use of MMA nail enhancements in the late 70's and they continue to maintain this position today.

MMA is an unsuitable ingredient. At Glam we believe that artificial nails should not only be beautiful, they should not damage the natural nail.  They are enhancements, not replacements!  We also believe it is the responsibility of all professional nail technicians to protect the health of their client's natural nails.  A good place to start is by using responsibly formulated products and to learn safe and proper techniques. 

How do you know if your salon or technician is using MMA? 

  • MMA has an unusually strong or strange odor which doesn't smell like other acrylic liquids. Odor is present during application and when filing cured product (for fill-ins or repairs).
  • Enhancements which are extremely hard and very difficult to file even with coarse abrasives. 
  • Enhancements that will not soak off in solvents designed to remove acrylics. 
  • Cloudy or milky color when cured.
Additional warning signs though less definitive:
  • Low price of fills and full sets (MMA costs 1/3 of EMA)
  • Dust or ventilation masks used (many technicians use dust masks today who do not use MMA)
  • Unlabeled containers - technician will not show or tell the client what brand of product is being used.

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